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In 1995, PVC Product Centre laid their mark as traders in PVC doors and Thermocol sheets at Guruvayur, Kerala. Today after 23 years the company is expert in this competent industry. PVC product centre is a proffesional la rge-scale supplier of all types of PVC. We also supply both extravagant as well as simple decorative panels to make your part and is given consistent and regular training to ensure quality and essence in the services provided by each and everyone. We believe very strictly on customer satisfaction as this factor helps us grow and creates a drive in us to thrive for more and more innovation.

We are now focused at achieving the goal of creating a new generation of building and decorative products/materials that will make customer living more stylish, carefree and easier. We are striving to build a system that saves both time and labour costs. We are one among the eminent and top market players for PVC panel sales in Kerala. PVC panels are used in a wide variety of settings and also as advanced home/office solutions. At present the group is marketing the latest imported PVC ceiling material, wall and partition panels that are of premium quality and first of its kind in the country.

We have successfully introduced Brands like AARCEE, VAULT & SMARTBOARD and have received Tremendous orders from fabricators, Builders and consumers all over Kerala. PVC product center also Dynamically undertakes projects on Contract that involves exterior cladding works using ACP and glass, interior work like PVC ceiling, walls, partitions etc. As one of the most sought-after brands in the industry we have more than 250 regular dealers spread across the state which makes us the most sought after brands in the industry. As a company we are also venturing into retail stores and we are successful in opening out first retail outlet at Guruvayur, Kerala. This store displays all products that are available which are sold to the final cu stomers

We are able to make products and processes unconventional by improvising and reinventing new ideas and concepts. This drive for innovation has helped us stay focused on our company goals and vision of sustaining and thriving in the market in the upcoming years and flourish as an enterprise. The company has also set up a projects division that supplies directly to big projects and companies. Customer service and feedback are prime factors that the company doesn’t compromise on. It has been the core philosophy around which the company was built 23 years ago. Customer feedback has also helped us to modify our services and bring about changes wherever required. A dedicated and committed team is monitoring the efforts put in from all sections towards the growth of the company at all times. This ensures that the company’s prime priorities such as quality assurance, customer expectations and satisfaction are all met smoothly to create a win-win situation for both the company and its esteemed customers.

Our Mission

Our mission lies in selling high quality products to the esteemed customers and to make available all products at economical price and not giving up on the quality and service

Our Vision

Innovating and renovating current technologies to modify and improve services that reach the customers at an appropriate delivery time. Our focus will be on delivering goods with zero defects consisting tenthly to increase customer satisfaction.